Loke Wilson




Hi there!

My name is Loke, and this is my homepage. I`ve make music since i was a teenager, and this site is all about my music production from 2009 to present day. I make videoes as well sometimes, but my main focus is music. I have a small studio in my home.

You find my music by clicking

the Soundcloud logo on the right.

You will find my YouTube channel and

Facebook page as well.

There you will find updates about my music, events, new gear and other stuff.




In september 2011 I made a live performance without audience, called

"Live at the balcony" You see it all in my

YouTube channel.





Ever since I hear Popcorn with Hot Butter and Apache with Rod Hunter back in 1972, I fall in love with electronic music. I`ve make music since the 70`s. That time I have an organ, two cassette decks and a mixer. Those recordings don`t exist anymore. In the 80`s, I had an 4 track cassette recorder and a keyboard based on the C64 computer. In the 90`s I had an Dynacord electronic drumkit. In 2007 I purchased synthesizers from Moog and Korg.



My studio gear today:


Access Virus TI 2

Roland Integra 7 

Nord Lead 4R 

Arturia Micro Brute

 Alesis QX49

Alesis Vortex Wireless
Boss Dr 880

 Nord Drum

Nord Drum 2

Korg D3200

Tascam DP-24

TC Helicon Voicelive 3

Korg microSAMPLER

Alesis IO Dock With iPad

Behringer X1622USB

Behringer UB1202FX

LD Systems ZONE 622

Arturia Analog Lab



All equipments are connected

together via midi.

I use midi alot in my